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Ebony Hogging small.JPG
Ebony Hogging!

Sean Jenkins wants to win an office competition. The guys are going Hogging, getting the fattest ugliest girl then proving that they had sex. He has his eye on Debbie from the office, she definitely isn't his type, she's chubby, fat ass, small saggy boobs and she's decidedly ugly... she should be perfect, he just has to convince her to get naked... and then let him use her.

Fatty Fiona Submits A1.jpg
Fatty Fiona Submits

Dean has run a local advert, he's looking for a submissive girl to pose for a BDSM photo set. Of course he isn't a professional photographer, he just loves to see girls with big nipples getting them clamped... and now, just when he was about to give up he's got a response. In his mind he imagines that Fiona is a petite blonde with a pretty face and big tits... he's about to get a big surprise!

Stalker small.jpg

There had never been a black woman in Paco's tiny Spanish village before, so when ebony BBW Annette arrived she created quite a stir. Rumours spread that she danced naked on her terrace, and as Paco secretly watched her he confirmed that she did, as she took photographs of herself. But why would someone so fat and ugly take nude pics, because in his mind he couldn't imagine who would want to see them!

Peeping Tom exp small.jpg
Peeping Tom

Tom hated clothes shopping with his girlfriend, that is until the day he spied a girl getting naked in the next changing cubicle. To his shock he found he also knew the sexy ebony babe, a girl from the building where he worked… Tom had seen her semi naked, but that wasn’t enough, he had to watch her fully nude… he would have to become a peeping Tom to fulfil his fantasy, and soon she would become his obsession!

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Nak Lab exp small.jpg

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Stranded in Portugal, without a friend or a penny to her name Tanya must find a way to survive. Of course a girl will always find a way to earn a little cash... if she is prepared to do whatever she has to. But that is always more difficult if that same girl is fat. Follow Tanya as she offers her chubby body, then finds her niche with an agency that specializes in Naked Labour.

Pen 10.jpg
Hth2 thm.jpg

Nathan and his his friends are pranking each other with ever more embarrassing and humiliating dares, but he thinks that they have pushed past the limit when he is presented with a chubby hooker from the cheap end of town. Nathan has to spend a night with her, then prove that he did the deed, but can he bring himself to do her? Maybe she has skills that can make him change his mind about her!

pen 22.jpg
Exposure1 thm.jpg

Millionaire playboy Dave and his best friend Tony have booked a special cleaner from an agency. Sexy and sultry Maria is supposed to arrive soon, and completely naked she is going to dust and scrub until the house is spotless. But Maria is very ill, and another girl has stepped in to cover for her at the last moment... the problem is, new girl Rachael is definitely not what the guys are expecting!

Peeping Tom small.jpg
Temptation thm.jpg
ebony bbw thm.jpg
Alien Sex Slaves thm.jpg
The Cult thm.jpg
Stalker small.jpg